Delegation is part of a SIMPLER SYSTEM

Delegation is one of the hardest skills for supervisors, managers, Presidents and CEOs to master. You may be able to do it faster, better (in your mind) and just the way you like it, but you’ll never get rid of the job, unless you delegate. You’re also robbing someone else of a growth, or learning, experience. Learn more at for online program and at my November 12th Workshop in Calgary.

How’s Your New Year Starting?

I know, January 1st is supposed to be the start of a new year but let’s face it, September marks the kick-off of another type of new year. Kids go back to school, people return to their jobs after most have had a vacation, and the seasons change from, “Isn’t it lovely,” to “What will winter be like this year?”

In my world of Frontline Leadership Training it’s a matter of getting answers from clients as to what they want their people to experience. You may not be looking for leadership/supervisory training, but do me a favour, answer this question.

What skills do you see lacking in supervisors and managers?

We all see supervisors and managers who could use help with their skills. The lack can show itself in poor service, rude or abrupt communication, or a myriad of other “less than joyful” experiences with businesses. So, what skills do you see lacking?

I look forward to your comments. My SIMPLER SYSTEM: 7 Key Strategies for Inspired Leadership launches this week. Enrollment is continuous and the guest presenters are spectacular.

Garth Roberts, CSP