Your Leadership Verb

The word inspire has been with me for the past few years and I feel it is probably my “verb”. Today I read a list of 104 verbs and a second verb stopped me in my reading. That verb is, stimulate. Stimulate and inspire seem to have the same energy to me. This tells me what I love to do is to stimulate and inspire good in the world.

In my leadership program my goal is to inspire leaders to recognize what they can do and how much they can achieve. I want to recognize this within myself and step up to the plate to ensure that I am doing all I am capable of doing. In my first draft of this writing I put what I need to do; however, the bottom line is there’s not much that I need to do.  Instead let me re-think my thoughts and recognize I want to do many things that will move me forward in life. While moving myself forward I also inspire and stimulate others to reach for their best. 

This whole concept of what verb resonates with me comes from an article by Alex Mandossian on his blog. I recommend you read the article and then give consideration to your verb.  As I work with the whole philosophy of “what verb am I”, a new inspiration comes forward.  I like the thought that I stimulate people when I’m working with them.  After all, if you are stimulated to do something, you will go forward.  Does this mean inspiration has just a little bit less “do it “magic?

Hmmmm … what is my real verb?  Share your verb identification with us and as Alex says on his blog, put your verb in the René Descartes phrase, I think, therefore I am. Check out Alex blog. It will make sense.