Conflict in life and work – missed blog writing 101

Writing a blog and keeping life on track sometimes conflict, at least they have for me for several weeks. My schedule has been wild, in a good way, and something had to give. Writing gave!

So now it’s back to recording what’s happening as it relates to Inspired Leadership. Focus jumps into my head because that’s what has got in the way of my writing. I’ve been extremely busy conducting sessions to help others get on track with supervision so I let my own focus stray. Lesson learned.

For the next 12 weeks or so I get a superb chance to share my knowledge with 20 new and experienced supervisors. It’s a great opportunity for all of us because we can learn from each other. Because I’ve been in supervision and management for 40 years, I know that I can still learn or relearn in every session. The diversity of people involved allows us to look at concerns from a variety of angles and, as we all should know, a variety of angles provide a 360 degree look at a problem.

In a recent session three drug and alcohol counsellors brought their unique perspective into a “normal” supervisory discussion. In their case they know they’re dealing with major problems and frequent chemical influences that require extra-ordinary patience and insight. Don’t you sometimes wish you had this knowledge when dealing with some of your people? We don’t know the outside influences or demons that stalk our clients and colleagues.

How about you? What is the worst coaching, speaking or training situation you’ve ever encountered?