Listenings great – now do something

Another day, another training session and more discussion about communication. Have you ever noticed how many people listen to what’s said, nod their heads in agreement and then continue down the same path? It’s refreshing to work with a group, as I did today, where several of the folks have actually made some changes.

How about you? Have you recognized one aspect of your communication process that isn’t working and done something about it? Give it a try; it’s refreshing.

Three stores, three experiences in customer service!

Sunday shopping is an interesting experience anywhere and today I strolled the main street of Oakville, Ontario. It's quaint, interesting and has lots of neat shops. The best in terms of greeting was the volunteer run, Fair Trade store. Smiling faces, cheery hellos, offers of assistance and lots of knowledge in response to questions were the order of the day.

Store two was a furnitue place that specialized in furniture from old barn boards. Two happy, young clerks managed smiles and hellos. No "can I help you" or any other type of customer service.

Store three was an up-scale furniture and collectable store. Hello was the best the middle-aged clerk could do.

Interesting contrasts in service and only the volunteers made me feel like they really wanted me to enjoy the experience.

What type of customer service have you had recently?