Throw It At The Wall and See If It Sticks!

Many leaders I come in contact with seem to operate from a “throw it at the wall” approach. When I’ve challenged managers and supervisors on their lack of planning, lack of time is one of the main excuses. So, they continue to throw things at the wall and are surprised when nothing of importance sticks.

In this time of economic uncertainty it’s seems to me the time spent navel gazing, gossiping, looking for dark clouds, and generally being negative, could be better spent in planning. Ten-minutes of solid individual or group planning will bring more results than all the chatter and “what ifs” can ever bring. Effective planning will also cut down on what many spend most of their day doing—redo!

My schedule as a leadership trainer is split between conducting sessions and working on my business, which includes planning new sessions.  When I’m conducting sessions my clients have my undivided attention. My business operation takes a back seat. So, when I’m not in front of clients I must use my time effectively. As much as I hate it, I schedule my tasks and my time so I’m as effective as possible. For someone who can be a very random thinker, this is hard work.

How about you? How do you keeping yourself up and going so plans turn into reality? What techniques are you using to avoid getting caught up in the current gloom and doom mentality?

Garth Roberts

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