Delegation is part of a SIMPLER SYSTEM

Delegation is one of the hardest skills for supervisors, managers, Presidents and CEOs to master. You may be able to do it faster, better (in your mind) and just the way you like it, but you’ll never get rid of the job, unless you delegate. You’re also robbing someone else of a growth, or learning, experience. Learn more at for online program and at my November 12th Workshop in Calgary.

Are You Blocking Your Own Leadership?

Most of us don’t like to admit we may be the problem in any situation. In leadership it’s even more difficult to look in the mirror and say, “I see the problem.” Reality is, even if you’re only 5% of the problem, you must fix the 5% first. Your credibility as a leader will be heavily damaged if you don’t acknowledge your mistakes. Your team, colleagues and clients will respect you more and your successes will increase. Don’t be afraid to communicate your errors and definitely tell how you’ve fixed the problem.

My SIMPLER SYSTEM features 7 Steps, with the first one being SELF. Join me on May 28th to learn more about you, and how to make more money and have more time for yourself.

Simpler System to give leaders more time and more money

If you’d like to spend less time at work and have more money when you’re away from work. Let’s talk. For the past 30+ years I’ve been a leader and worked with leaders. OK, I wasn’t always a leader because, like many of you, I started as a supervisor, became a manager, worked into developing my company and, along the way, became a leader.

Also along the way I discovered I was working too hard at this leadership thing. So I’ve taken a step back and reviewed what’s worked and what hasn’t and I’ve devised a Simpler System for Frontline Managers. I love working with new supervisors and middle management because most of them a left to fend for themselves when it comes to leading. One day you’re a worker, the next day you’re a manager or supervisor and no one has taken the time to help you in the transition.

Let me help you as I turn managers into leaders.

How? In my Simpler System workshop I walk you through seven strategies. On May 28th please join me in Calgary. Just click to register –

Do Your Teeth Really Need to be Whiter?

While I recognize we all want a winning smile, I suggest the teeth whitening craze has gotten to be a bit much. I’ve always watched people’s mouths, maybe I’m practicing my lip reading skills for when my hearing fades totally, so I’m aware of the value of great teeth. However, I’m now getting mesmerized by blinding white teeth, so mesmerized that I get distracted from the conversation.

As I was just spammed with a $129 special, it occurred to me that many people I know, who had great smiles, are being conned into paying for a procedure they truly don’t need. Why do we fall for such vanity hooks?

In supervisory and management roles I’ve noted we also fall for vanity hooks. You’re doing a great job, can you take on this additional task? You’ve always been there to support your people, how about adding this item to your portfolio? Pat me on the back and add another log on my fire of responsibilities.

As a leader you recognize when you must say, “No”. Leaders certainly fill their plate but they don’t take extra serving just to demonstrate how brilliant or talented they are. They know when to say, enough. Now connecting whitening your teeth to leadership may seem like a stretch, but is it? It all comes back to recognizing we truly need to be who we are, honestly.

Are you getting sucked in as a supervisor or manager and taking responsibility for more than you should, or are you a leader?

Garth Roberts

Self-Management Beats Time Management

I just discovered the time management seminar I was supposed to deliver as been canceled. It’s okay by me. The material belonged to someone else and it could be improved greatly, plus I’ve lost my enthusiasm when it comes to talking about time management. Let’s face it, it’s not time management, it’s self-management.

You and I both get 24 hours each day and we can use it as we see fit. We can’t manage that 24 hours, we can only use it. It’s how we use it that makes a difference. So, it’s self-management. During past seminars on self-management many people have resisted the concept they are responsible for what they achieve each and every day. It’s easier to blame someone else. Over 2000 years ago Greek Playwright, Asechylus, said, “Everyone’s quick to blame the alien”, and we’ve been doing it ever since.

Today is April 20th, 2010. How are you using your 24 hours? What do you have on your agenda for tomorrow and the rest of the week? Is your non-productivity someone else’s fault? Does your productivity belong to someone else? I think not. It all belongs to you.

Garth Roberts               

How Do You Cope With Change?

“We expect around 11,000 flights to take place today in European airspace. On a normal day, we would expect 28,000,” said Kyla Evans, a spokeswoman for Eurocontrol.

17,000 flights cancelled translates to thousands of lives affected by a natural occurrence. Having watched behaviour in airports when flights are cancelled I know that some people can cope and other just can’t. How about you? If you’re one of the many affected by sudden change, do you cope well?

Leaders cope! The may not like change any better than the majority, but they learn change is the only constant in business and in life. A leader’s ability to instigate change, accept change and benefit from change is one of his or her greatest assets. True leaders anticipate change so they are ready to inspire and lead their people through change. Are you a true leader or are you a reactionary leader, just waiting for the world to happen to you.

I enjoy change … most of the time. How about you?

Garth Roberts