Leadership is Communication

An information site I belong to has been rife with comments about President Obama’s inaugural address. Most of the comments have been positive while some have complained about a lack of specifics. From my perspective, it was a great speech. It was, after all, President Obama’s, let me have your attention speech.

In marketing it’s said that we need to connect with people 7 to 9 times before they are ready to buy. Why is it any different in selling a new political agenda for one of the world’s greatest countries? Mr. Obama had many target audiences for his message and he crafted his message so each audience was addressed with strength and with dignity. What else could we ask for in this initial talkĀ ? To expect sweeping changes and pinpoint specifics is unrealistic.

Corporate leaders can learn a great deal by analyzing the structure of this speech and recognizing that their messages will have much more meaning if they repeat them, in a varity of ways, 7 to 9 times. Oh, don’t give me the “I don’t have time” excuse. That’s pure crap!

If you don’t make the time to communicate, you aren’t leading. You will, however, be doing a lot of “redo” to correct for the errors of your poor communication. Take the time to do it right the first time.

Along with this post I’ve changed the quote on the page. That’s my quote and I believe it defines leadership. The next four years are going to be exciting, whether we agree with all the communication from the White House or not. As a non-American I know that the world already has a different take on the United States and we’re all looking for our friends in the United States to be recognized again for the great people they are.

Garth Roberts


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