Focus on your unique way of analyzing the world.

The title of this post came from my horoscope reading for today. It strikes me that all leaders need to focus on their own unique way of analyzing their particular world. The key word is to do a little analyzing, something that too often gets lost in the day-to-day activity of work.

 When was the last time you sat down and analyzed what’s working and what’s not working?

 I just had the luxury of two weeks of solitude in the office. Only me to make noise and distract myself. I am a master at following distractions but I analyzed what wasn’t working and it was my work routine … or should I say, my lack of work routine. I got into the “busy, busy, busy” mode, as my sales friend Tim Breithaupt calls it. Incidentally, Tim has a great book on sales – 10 Steps to Sales Success – Anyway, Tim talks about the busy and I found myself there. Productive, not really, but very busy.

 In just one week of tossing and throwing I have an office that is organized and projects that have moved forward. Now if you’re saying “how could it take a week to clean an office?” I kept running the business as well and really cleaned my office. The recycling bin is full.

 So back to the analyzing your world, when did you last serve yourself and analyze your world? Give it a try and be honest about what’s working and what’s not working. Decide who might help you move along. Ask for assistance. You can’t be an inspired leader if you’re bogged down in “busy” and confusion.

 Have a great time.

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