Does Your Company Have a Transition Process?

“Hey, George, you’re the new supervisor. Good luck!”

OK, so it may not happen just like that but my experience tells me that most leaders are not given enough training for their job. Harvard Business Review statistics say that only 25% of companies feel they are good at transitioning individuals into their first managerial role. Is your company part of the non-functioning 75%?

Because companies don’t have continuous management shifts, changes in management tend to be an occasional thing. Occasional activities in companies don’t get the attention they deserve so procedures and processes often don’t exist. As a leadership trainer and coach I meet dozens of supervisors and managers who have never had any coaching or instruction on how to function in their new position. In my own history I can see times when I was offered an opportunity to lead and then left to fend for myself. I stumbled, picked myself up and occasionally stumbled again. Fortunately, I was in environments with mentors and role models. Plus, early on I got the opportunity to take management and leadership training. How about you?

My  7 Keys to Inspired Leadership is designed to help the “Georges” of the world who are dumped into management and left to fend for themselves. It’s a program that’s real, action oriented, and results oriented. Key One: Know Yourself – kicks activity off so a participant can really move from management to leadership.

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