Do You Have A Super Bowl Mentality to Communication?

If you watched the Super Bowl yesterday, you saw superb communication in action. You also saw communication breakdowns. Not all of us recognized each one or understand how many communication breakdowns happened. They happened in an instance when the ball went one way and the receiver another. They happen continuously, and these players have rehearsed their communication, repeatedly!

So why don’t you rehearse most of your communication? Too many of us go to an office or a meeting with a vague idea of what we want to say, but definitely not a plan. Plans work, as both Baltimore and New Orleans can tell you. Both Baltimore and New Orleans can also tell you which communication didn’t work yesterday. Do you have the vaguest idea when your communication fails?

But I’m not a sports team, you say! No, you’re a business or personal team and you rely on superb communication to complete tasks or to get others to complete tasks. Next time you want to have excellent communication, which should be all the time. Pause for a few seconds and ask the following questions:

  1. Why am I communicating?
  2. Who is receiving my communication?
  3. What does heor she need to know?
  4. What’s the best way to communicate – letter, memo, e-mail or in-person?
  5. What do I need or want to have happen when I finish communicating?
  6. How will I know my communication has been successful?

Incidentally, if you can’t answer number five with clarity, stop before you start. If you don’t know what you want to have happen when you finish talking, you shouldn’t waste your time and definitely not the listener’s time.

Have a great Super Bowl day of communication!

Garth Roberts         

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