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It’s all about questions

As someone who started as a journalist, I know the value of great questions. Throughout my career, I’ve focused on asking good questions to move projects forward, to inspire thinking on the part of direct reports and colleagues, and to help me sort out my life and work. It’s always great to read articles that …

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Do Your Teeth Really Need to be Whiter?

While I recognize we all want a winning smile, I suggest the teeth whitening craze has gotten to be a bit much. I’ve always watched people’s mouths, maybe I’m practicing my lip reading skills for when my hearing fades totally, so I’m aware of the value of great teeth. However, I’m now getting mesmerized by …

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What Price Communication?

Be clear, concise and distinct with your communication. Your staff and clients will love you for it. Well, they’ll at least appreciate you for it and they will know what is expected from them. Remember, when you communicate, the listener is the most important partner in the conversation. If you doubt that and feel it’s …

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Compassion and leadership need to go hand-in-hand

There’s a new, international movement to bring compassion back into our lives. Read the charter below and then visit the website. Charter for Compassion The principle of compassion lies at the heart of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions, calling us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Compassion impels …

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Are We Really a Bunch of Slobs?

Recently I was asked to present a seminar on business etiquette to a group of young employees. Their leaders felt that the young crowd didn’t understand proper business rules. That same week I attended a celebration Gala with business leaders. I quickly understood why so many young people appear to lack business etiquette. They don’t …

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One-way Communication Kills Communication

One-way communication is doomed to failure yet managers, supervisors, foreman, and parents continue to use it. One-way communication is basically telling someone what you want them to do and not giving the person an opportunity to ask questions for clarification. How many times this week have you told someone what you want done and turned …

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